Pokemon! What better time to do a review of Pokemon X and Y, the newest games in the franchise, and the future of Pokemon in general?

I practically grew up with Pokemon. I still remember playing the very first Blue and Red versions on a family friend’s borrowed Gameboy Colour. Those were the days! I feel old. But when you’ve grown up with something like that, and played nearly every single game in every generation of subsequent Pokemon games, you can’t help being a little nostalgic when they reintroduce old stuff in new games.

And that’s what Game Freak did. Pokemon X and Y contain huge fanservice. Oh, and did you know you can SIT ON BENCHES. For years and years, your character in the game was limited in how much he/she could interact with the environment, but now you can just totally CHILL on an instrument of ass elevation. Like seriously.


(Source: Me)

Not only are the graphics profound and a HUGE transformation for the series, the new region has a bunch of OLD POKEMON. And by a bunch I mean pretty much half of all existing Pokemon packed into a single region. I’ve already finished the Elite Four and I’m still slaving the hours away trying to even FIND all the Pokemon available, let alone CATCH them.

The game also introduces a plethora of new features. One I like is Pokemon-Amie. It’s like Nintendogs, except with Pokemon. Thanks to the new 3D graphics, you can PET and TOUCH your Pokemon, like real creatures. It may not seem like a game-changing feature, but to me personally, it gives Pokemon a whole new dimension. No longer are they just static pixel sprites on the screen with weird ass bit-like sounds as cries. They are now truly interactive creatures with emotions! Yeah, if you literally rub them the wrong way, they can get mad at you. That amount of realism is fantastic! In subsequent games, I expect Gamefreak to improve on this.

There are so much more FANTASTIC stuff in this game that it would be an immense injustice to stop here, but I can’t write anymore because my fingers will fall off soon. Plus this post is stretching a bit. I do want to say this though; if you’re a fan or new to the series, consider getting Pokemon X and/or Y. This game is a fantastic entry point for those new to Pokemon and a massive smorgasbord of fanservice for Gen-wunner players.

Do it. But it. Play it. Sell your soul to Game Freak.


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