My name is Marcellus Jordie Muljana and I’m currently studying at the University of British Columbia, majoring in Chemistry. I’m also an amateur artist and writer and hope to become involved in a creative profession sometime in the future, besides a career in the sciences.

This is a personal blog, and thus will contain posts about me. This will probably include day-to-day life activities and rants, opinions on subject matters that are I deem to be important, my hobbies and interests and other miscellany that I may find worthy of writing about. I will also post about my other creative projects and document them here as a means of tracking progress and hopefully inviting people to come and see what I have in store.

Because this blog is personal in nature, i will only be writing with my own voice. Everything on this blog that I post will have come straight from the depths of my thoughts. Everything that I post will represent my current thoughts on whatever subject matter I choose to write about. I understand that people change, so my opinions and views on particular concerns may change over time. Nevertheless, I personally see this as a way to document my thought processes and how I develop my own world views! I suppose this can be regarded as a science experiment. It’s not very scientific, I know; ironically, I am coming from a scientific background! But it is surely an entertaining way of observing the rapid changes in my thoughts, or lack thereof, by way of examining what I write about.

Who is my target audience? No one in particular, really. However, if our interests or opinions end up becoming a FAVOURABLE MATCH, or my opinions and thoughts on certain things interest you, then YOU are my target audience. Of course, that said, I am certainly not aiming to entice the attention of CERTAIN PEOPLE in certain DISCIPLINES. For example, I very much doubt a sophisticated philosopher pondering on the meaning of the universe would take interest in my humble blog, or an insane political warrior jumping in to comment about how my choice of food reflects my disdain for living creatures and that I am a murderer and harbinger of environmental destruction for enjoying a single piece of delicious animal muscle tissue. But I digress.

So, if you have read this far, I feel it necessary to repeat myself: this is a PERSONAL blog. Therefore, it will contain many posts pertaining to ME, Marcellus Jordie Muljana. If you do not like what you see, feel free to leave. I certainly wouldn’t mind. However, if you decide to come out from underneath your bridge and desecrate my blog with putrid comments, I will be glad to pronounce you BLOCKED and DELETED, and therefore you may then proceed to KISS my ASS.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy my blog!


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